New York Security License

New York Security License

Here we have mentioned the license renewal and update process as well.  We have covered all the important points below. Continue reading to learn more about the process.

How do I get a New York security license?

To obtain a NY safety certification, you have to meet several standards. It is quite similar to California rules. Here are the essential requirements for that:

  • Submit a finished quiz to the Department of State (together with the appropriate payment).
  • Be at least 18 years old and provide proof of fingerprint completion.
  • Have not been convicted of a critical crime.
  • Pass armed/unarmed certification programs.

What training do I need to work as a security guard?

We can divide safety industry workers into two types։ armed and unarmed.

For an unarmed guarding card:

Complete the following NYS certified courses to become a NY registered unarmed protection personnel:

  • 8-hour pre-assignment – This is a general introduction. You should finish it and have a copy of the certificate submitted with your submission.
  • 16-hour on-the-job (OJT) – This program is related to protection responsibilities, worksite requirements, and employer demands. You should take this within 90 days of starting work as a safety officer.
  • 8-hour annual in-service – You must pass it each calendar year, that you hold a sign-up. You have to finish a couple of its sessions between the expiration dates of your enrollment to be eligible for renewal.

For an armed guarding card:

If you want to become a NY registered equipped officer you should pass the above-mentioned training in addition with:

  • 47-hour firearms – To be able to take it, you must have a valid NYS Pistol Permit and registration. And then, submit a copy of your certificate with your application for an appropriate enrollment upgrade once you’ve achieved it.
  • Annual firearms program – You should complete two 8-hour annual courses between the effective and expiration dates of your registration to be eligible for a resumption.

How much will it cost?

If you decide to choose this career path, you should keep in mind that there will be some linked costs. For instance, you can pay these charges in a check or money order made out to the Department of State. Also, you can do it in a credit card accreditation form from MasterCard or Visa.

But, please note, that you should not pay the fees in cash. To clarify, there are no refunds on applying fees. Also, mind that any check returned by your bank will be charged a $20 fee.

As a result, you should pay $36 for the initial application, $102 for the fingerprint. Notification of employment status, request for a duplicate permit or entry, and change of status will cost you an additional $25 for each.

Renewal or update

The submission of a guard is valid for two years. Before your authorization termination deadline, you will have 90 days to renew it. The deadline is printed on it.

Around 90 days before the qualification end date, they’ll message you the appropriate files. After receiving them, fill out the resume form and mail it to the address on the paper.

If you can renew your qualification but have not received an update form, send an email to the Division of Licensing Services. Take note that you have to include your entire name, email information, permit type, unique identification number, and expiration date in your email. After that, download, fill and mail the Change Notice to the location on the paper, to upgrade your name, business, or address.

If you want to obtain an approval duplicate, fill out the Duplicate License or Registration Request form and mail it to the location listed on it.

If you wish to update your unarmed guard qualification badge to an equipped one, you should:

  • have completed the 47-hour Armed Guards Firearms Training
  • include a copy of your current professional ID document in your application
  • pay $25 to the New York Department of State in check, money order, Mastercard, or Visa.
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