New York Private Investigator License

New York Private Investigator License

Anyone who wants to obtain a private investigator license in New York can easily do that. Indeed, the requirements are not as strict in this state as in Illinois. Even more, there are almost no restrictions here.

Getting a private investigator license in New York

Firstly, there are primary requirements applicants must pay attention to.
The following demands are mandatory:

  • Be no less than 25 years old
  • To be a citizen of the USA
  • Hold HSD


There are not many experience-based demands in this state. Conversely, thanks to the fewer claims, many specialists in this field can apply for a permit. You may learn more about the required skills below.
So, one of these conditions is preferable:

  • Candidates should possess three years of full-time experience as a PI or experience equal to an investigation. The position of supervisor of three employees in this sphere is also acceptable.
  • They should serve 20 years as a fire marshal or police officer.


The applicants must follow some documentation preparations to obtain a New York private investigator license. This section contains a complete list of them:

  • Being the main holder of the business
  • Pass the PI exam within two years before the application: The fee is $15, and your score should be no less than 70%. The time of the test is 2.5 hours.
  • In case of having been convicted of a felony, submit relevant documents
  • Present an electronic fingerprinting receipt
  • Provide proof of a $10,000 surety bond

Besides, they must pay a variety of fees. For more information about the payments, you may visit the New York State Department website.

Do applicants need a license to be a private investigator in NY?

The permit is for those who aim to become an employer and own their business. If they prefer to work for an agency and stay under control, they do not need authorization.

What can a private investigator do in New York?

The duties of a PI are to gather detailed facts about:

  • Behaviors
  • Locations
  • Characteristics
  • Class affiliations
  • Deals
  • Authority
  • A place of stolen and lost properties
  • The location of missing people
  • Causes of defamation, damages, or fires

Other functions include:

  • Investigating witnesses
  • Investigation of violent crimes
  • Finding evidence that is necessary for court cases

They also have to understand the Security Officers’ License Law and other related rules.

The right of a private investigator to carry a gun in NY

Experts in this field may carry a gun. But for that, they have to get permission. Besides, they must follow certain rules. Many states require them to finish a safety course. In particular, those who wish to carry a firearm need to learn its ethical rules.

Employees in this profession also are faced with limitations. For instance, there are restrictions on the number of weapons. There are even minor limitations on where and when to carry it.

Moreover, they can cover the fact of carrying a weapon through liability insurance. In conclusion, they have the right to carry a gun for their protection, observing the rules and regulations.

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