New York Engineer License

New York Engineer License

You will always have a good job as a professional engineer as long as you meet the state requirements. For that, you will need to get your license and go through the licensing process.

If you have any questions about engineering licensure in the state of New York, this article is to answer to those questions and introduce you to the licensing requirements.

How to get your professional engineer license in New York State

Before you can call yourself a professional engineer and become one in the state of New York, you must correspond with some state requirements.

In the first place, you must be at least 21 years old and of b of good moral character. Secondly, you must be a US citizen/ lawfully admitted alien for permanent residence.

Then, you must meet other requirements as well, which include education, examination and experience.

Get engineering education

A professional engineer must receive and possess engineering education. Hence, you must graduate from a professional engineering program and earn a Bachelor’s or higher degree based on a program.

It is important to make sure that the program is Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited.

While completing one of these programs, you will receive years of credit based on your education. You will need these credits to be eligible for licensure and examinations. For example, you will need to have six years of credit for the FE exam, and twelve years of credit for the PE exam.

Note that the Department may put aside some requirements for applicants, who have lawfully practiced engineering for more than fifteen years (except for age, character, education, citizenship).

Take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam

Once you have received 6 years of credit, you are eligible to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam. The New York Education Department’s Office of the Professions, a Board of Professional Engineering and Land Surveying will send you an exam eligibility letter, informing you to take the exam.

Graduating from accredited programs, most students take the FE exam, which is a national test. It is to assess your knowledge of engineering, including math, physics and so on.

It is advisable to take the exam in your senior year or shortly after graduation. This way you will find it easier to remember educational material, and, therefore, pass the exam.

After passing the test, you will become an “Intern Engineer” or “Engineer in Training” (EIT). Successfully passing the test signals your skills, as well as knowledge of fundamental engineering principles.

To register for the exam, follow this link and pay the $175 fee.

Gain experience

In the state of New York, gaining professional experience is another major requirement to become a professional engineer. To put it plainly, you must get at least four years of professional experience.

Hereby, you will be able to receive years of credit as every credit represents one year of documented and qualifying work.

Take and pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam

On your way of licensure, you must also take and pass Principles and Practice of Engineering exam (PE) as long as you have 12 years of credit.

Do engineers need licenses in New York?

You must hold an engineer license, if you want to use the title “Professional Engineer” or work in the sphere of professional engineering services in the state of New York.

However, there are many unlicensed engineers as well, who work in environments or job positions, which do not require licenses for demonstrating engineering skills. In addition to this, you may find a job, for example, in product manufacturing or government/ military work.

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