New York Barber License

New York Barber License

NY is a state of great opportunities and perspectives. These latter-mentioned factors refer to the hairdressers as well. They may earn good salaries if they perform legally without breaking the law. However, to conduct any barber-related work, especially for your own business, you have to apply and get New York Barber License.

There are a lot of schools that you are able to choose from. You are to find the perfect school for you and your needs for training. However, first of all, you would better learn about the requirements that the state has designed.

Requirements For New York Barber License

If you have decided to become a hairdresser, you are to apply through a special system. You are to have an ID account of This is compulsory and if you do not have one, you are to visit the official web page of the NY government and register.

You’ll be able to receive a certificate if you are at least 17 years old. You are to go to a physician or to an assistant as your first step. After this, the physician or his assistant is to fill out the special section of the application about your health.

After this, you are to submit your paperwork in 30 days and complete a special course. The latter refers to the transmission of contagious diseases as well as the sterilization while working. When you are done with these, you are to take a practical examination in 2 years’ time.

In case you want to own your barbershop or beauty salon, you have to apply for NY Business License as well.

Practical Exam

There is a special policy for this. You are to present an identification that is current. That identification can be different. For example a military ID, non-driver ID, a US or foreign passport, employment authorization card, etc.

If you try to cancel it, they may not return the fee you pay for the participation. In the case of rescheduling, you are to notify the board 6 days before. If you arrive late, they will not allow you to pass and forfeit the payment.

Make sure that you do all the appointments in the name that you have on the identification. It is not to include any middle names. In case you have a hyphen in your last name, you are to be sure you provide the full name.

Application For New York Barber License

There are different means for applying. In the case of an apprenticeship, you are to work as an apprentice for two years.

An apprentice is a person who conscientiously takes a course of instruction in the practice of hairdressing under the supervision of an authorized expert and assists him in that operation.

You can have a NY education in an approved school. In case you have got your education in another state, you are to present certification of licensure.

If you have experience in the field and want to receive the proper documentation to act, then you are to show a paper that is to prove your 2-year-experience.

Fees And Expenses

You can deliver your payments by different types of cards such as American Express, MasterCard, or Visa. The first payment is the application fee which costs $40.

The renewal price is again $40 and the practical exam is $15. If you are late with your renewal, you are to pay a penalty of $10. The same dollar amount is needed for the change of address and the duplication or registration request.


The certificate that you obtain is valid for 4 years. If you look at the permit, you’ll find the expiration date on it. After that time, you are to update it. The good news is that you are able to do it through an online account.

This process includes duplicate certificate requests, address changes as well as contact changes. The latter refers to the social security number or the date of birth, the email address, or the phone number.

If you do not have an account for carrying out this process, then you are to create an account and be ready to complete the necessary steps.

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